Renew Pool

Mission-driven Cardano Stake Pool supporting projects in renewable energies and recycled materials
Why chose RenewPool (ticker: RENEW)?
  • 20 years of experience in Linux server administration

  • Bare metal servers, no cloud provider, single pool operator, supporting decentralization

  • Running on renewable energies (Swiss hydropower)

  • Support our Mission & Projects

Pool launch: Aug. 2021
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (min.)
Variable fee: 0%* (min.)
Pledge: 10'000 ADA
Stake: 11'274 ADA
*: 0.5% when stake >1m ADA, 1% when stake >2m ADA

Pledge 10k ADA, margin 0%, 2nd relay online

I'm glad to announce this weeks changes to RENEW pool:
  • Pledge increased from 3k ADA to 10k ADA

  • Margin ("variable fee") changed from 1.5% to 0%: Will be increased again to 0.5% when hitting 1m ADA and to 1% when hitting 2m ADA

  • 2nd (private, not public) relay ready/online: Ready for testing cardano-node 1.29.0 before upgrading block producer and public relay

RENEW Cardano Stake Pool launched

The Cardano (ADA) Stake Pool "Renew Pool" (ticker: "RENEW") based in Switzerland started its operation. Surplus from pool earnings will be used to support projects in renewable energies and recycled materials.
Current & past projects include:
  • Installation of photovoltaic power plants

  • 3D-printing with 100% recycled plastics

  • Research & development in the field of using Lithium-ion cells from recycled bicycle batteries for home energy storage applications