Renew Pool

Mission-driven Cardano Stake Pool supporting projects in renewable energies and recycled materials

What is a Cardano stake pool?

Cardano is a Proof of stake (PoS) blockchain platform and has a cryptocurrency called Ada. Compared to Proof of work (PoW) blockchains / cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which require a lot of electrical energy, Proof of Stake blockchains like Cardano do only require a minimal amount of electrical energy for running the servers which represent the network.
Holders of the Cardano cryptocurrency Ada can stake their funds to a staking pool like RENEW pool to get a yearly return on their investment of about 5%.
Read more on Wikipedia about Cardano, Proof of stake, Proof of Work and Decentralized finance

About this Pool

This pool is operated in a server room of a small Swiss IT company on bare metal servers (dedicated server hardware). All server hardware for this Cardano pool is recycled (already reached end of life for its original purpose) and runs on 100% renewable energies. The mission is to use the surplus from the pool fees to support projects in the field of renewable energy and recycled materials. Please see a list of projects supported by Renew Pool on the Mission & Projects page.

Pool operator

The pool operator of Renew Pool is a solar energies / IT / crypto enthusiast with >20 years of experience in Linux server and network administration. This is a single pool operator pool, supporting a decentralized Cardano network!
The pool operator is hands-on-involved in the projects supported by the pool surplus.

Hardware Setup

Renew Pool exclusively uses bare metal (dedicated) servers. The block producer node and a public relay node are located in a server room of a small IT company in Switzerland. This helps being 100% decentralized and not dependent on a big cloud IT company. Additionally, one private relay node is available in a geographically separated location. The servers run on a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system allowing to bypass outages of the power grid.


Please use this E-Mail address to contact Renew Pool (the pool operator):