Renew Pool

Mission-driven Cardano Stake Pool supporting projects in renewable energies and recycled materials
Why chose RenewPool (ticker: RENEW)?
  • 20 years of experience in Linux server administration

  • Bare metal servers, no cloud provider, single pool operator, supporting decentralization

  • Running on renewable energies (Swiss hydropower)

  • Get staking rewards AND support our Mission & Projects

Pool launch: Aug. 2021
Fixed fee: 340 ADA (min.)
Variable fee: 0%* (min.)
Pledge: 10'000 ADA
*: 0.5% when stake >1m ADA, 1% when stake >2m ADA

2nd Update November 2021

Short update about what has happend with RENEW pool in november:
First pool's block produced this month! Finally RENEW has contributed to this awesome network! Rewards have been paid out to all our delegators.
All nodes have been updated to the newest cardano-node software 1.31.0 which runs flawless!

Update October / November 2021

An important milestone has been reached: Cardano pool RENEW is now at >25k ADA stake, more precisely at >26k ADA. This is important to have a real chance at block production.
The next step is to not only have a chance at block production but hopefully to perform block production on a regular basis.
A big thank you to all delegators that support RENEW pool!
During October we have rolled out the update to Cardano node version 1.30.1 which was released at the end of September.

Update September 2021

At the start of this month prior to the smart contract launch ("Alonzo hard fork") on Cardano, all nodes of RENEW pool were updated to Cardano 1.29.0 after 1 week of prior testing. At the same time, RAM was updated to >=12 GB for all relays and block producer.
Renew Pool is now also a proud member of xSPO Alliance and Cardano Bare Metal Alliance!

Pledge 10k ADA, margin 0%, 2nd relay online

I'm glad to announce this weeks changes to RENEW pool:
  • Pledge increased from 3k ADA to 10k ADA

  • Margin ("variable fee") changed from 1.5% to 0%: Will be increased again to 0.5% when hitting 1m ADA and to 1% when hitting 2m ADA

  • 2nd (private, not public) relay ready/online: Ready for testing cardano-node 1.29.0 before upgrading block producer and public relay

RENEW Cardano Stake Pool launched

The Cardano (ADA) Stake Pool "Renew Pool" (ticker: "RENEW") based in Switzerland started its operation. Surplus from pool earnings will be used to support projects in renewable energies and recycled materials.
Current & past projects include:
  • Installation of photovoltaic power plants

  • 3D-printing with 100% recycled plastics

  • Research & development in the field of using Lithium-ion cells from recycled bicycle batteries for home energy storage applications