Renew Pool

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Cardano RENEW pool is on bare metal servers for 100% Decentralization.
To further decentralize the Cardano ecosystem, RENEW pool has the following philosophy:
  • The pool is operated in a server room of a small Swiss IT company. Many larger pools are hosted by large providers like Amazon AWS (see e.g. "Relay Data Centers" on An outage of this provider, or an action of the provider based on government regulations would mean that all these pools could get instantly affected / harmed.

  • The cardano-node software (block producer and 2 relay nodes) runs on bare metal servers at RENEW pool, which basically means that dedicated server hardware is used instead of virtual servers.

  • Finally RENEW pool is and will always be a "single pool", which means that the pool operator does run only one pool.

The above diagram (taken from in November 2022) shows that we need pools running on small providers, to increase decentralization of the network.