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RENEW pool is an ISPO member of the CNC Ala project, which is a regeneration and permaculture project in Madagascar.

Drought and deforestation have created desperate conditions for people, plants and animals in central Madagascar. The CNC Ala ISPO aims at establishing regenerative agriculture regeneration, permaculture reforestation, teaching of regenerative practices and the value of permaculture and much more, by planting at least 100.000 trees.

This is accomplished with the help of donations of the ISPO participating pools, among them RENEW pool, which donate 85 ADA for all epochs with min. 1 block minted.

The ISPO start date is 21. Nov. 2022 (epoch 377) and runs for 36 epochs (until approx. 21. May 2023). Delegators to RENEW pool (and other ISPO member pools) still earn their full ADA rewards from the pools during the ISPO, but they are eligible to additionally redeem CNC Ala tokens from DripDropz ( which can later be used to redeem NFTs from CNC partners. It makes sense to claim tokens on DripDropz in the following epochs for 6 epochs accumulated instead of every epoch, to save transaction fees:
- Epoch 383 (for epochs 377-382)
- Epoch 389 (for epochs 383-388)
- Epoch 395 (for epochs 389-394)
- Epoch 401 (for epochs 395-400)
- Epoch 407 (for epochs 401-406)
- Epoch 413 (for epochs 407-412)

Read more about this project on the Climate Neutral Cardano website

RENEW Pool donation transactions:
Total RENEW pool donation amount to CNC Ala: 1'360 ADA