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Installation of Solar (PV) power plants

The RENEW pool SPO (Stake Pool Operator) was involved in the installation of 2 photovoltaic power plants, one of them with recycled / refurbished parts.
Installation of 9kWp solar power plant

The pool operator installed a 9kWp solar power plant using an on-roof mounting system on the roof of a small house in Baselland/Switzerland.
The work was done unpaid, with some help of the Pool Operators brother (the blurred man on the photo):

Installation of 2 kWp solar power plant on a pergola with recycled parts

This smaller project included the installation of a small 2 kWp solar power plant on a pergola in the garden of a one-family home, as an addition to an already existing older power plant of 7 kWp on the main roof of the house.
The pool operator and house owner have spent one day of preparation (assembly of modules in water-tight framing / roof-integrated mounting system) and one day of final assembly. The photovoltaic modules for this power plant are B-grade and C-grade modules produced in Switzerland: They contain optical flaws which do not allow them to be sold as A-grade modules. Additionally, a photovoltaic inverter was used for this project which was recycled from electric waste, making this project a good example of using resources which otherwise would be discarded.